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Domain Name Sales, Transfers and Legal Stuff


What is a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is the identifier used to locate a Web-site on the Internet or as part of an email address. Since a domain name is a specific identifier; no two names can be exactly alike. Once registered, no one else can use that name. A Domain Name is a way by which a company can uniquely identify itself on the Internet.

What is a Geo-Targeted Domain Name?
A Geo-Targeted domain name is one that associates the name of a particular geographic location with a product or service. It uses the place name to attract focused search leads from potential customers and clients desiring products or services in that geographic area.

Why are Domain Names important?'s Domain Names offer easy name recognition, retention and recall, enabling customers to effortlessly access your website, thus increasing your business potential.

Why buy a domain name from
We specialize in 'Geo-Targeted' Law Domain Names...that are brandable.

The Domain Name Sales Process
Some of the factors that are considered when pricing a domain name include:
  • The vast reach and size of the real estate industry in a specific area
  • Commission dollars generated per closed transaction
  • Number of additional potential closed sales per year
  • Number of closed transactions needed before the domain name is an income-generating asset
  • Number of states that the geo-targeted "place name" is located in
    • For example, Springfield is located in 27 states in the United States. Of those, the top 5 cities have populations ranging from 57,000 to 154,082. This domain name would have a far greater income potential than a geo-targeted domain name that is in only 1 location
  • Population of the geo-targeted area that the domain name applies to
  • Appearance, Impressiveness, and Memorability
    • Easy to recognize, remember and recall
  • Extension
    • All of our domain names have the .com extension - viewed to be "the best".
  • Uniqueness of the domain name
  • Desirability and potential Brandability
  • Current earnings and future potential earnings of domain name
  • Potential for return on investment presently and in the future

Once the sales price is agreed upon...we will complete the "Domain Name Transfer Agreement" (usually within 24 hours) and transmit it to you via fax or email (whichever you prefer). You will need to sign the agreement and return it to us by either fax or email. We will also be supplying you with a "Contact Information Form" that you will complete with the details of how you would like the transfer to be completed. Once we receive your signed "Domain Name Transfer Agreement" we will execute it and return a copy to you.

A domain name will not be considered SOLD until Golden Penny Consultants receives payment in full from the purchaser.

Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer will have five (5) business days from the date that the purchaser received a fully executed "Domain Name Transfer Agreement" to submit payment in full to Golden Penny Consultants.

Transfer of Ownership

Within 24 hours of receipt and verification of both the payment and the "Contact Information Form" - Golden Penny Consultants will initiate the necessary steps to transfer ownership and control to the domain purchaser. However, the purchaser must also complete a transfer-in request at their registrar. There is typically a 5-day processing period for the actual domain name transfers to be completed from one registrar to another.

Transfer Process
Golden Penny Consultants will change the items as directed by the purchaser on the "Contact Information Form".

Forms of Payment
Forms of payment accepted by Golden Penny Consultants are:
  • wire transfer
  • bank/cashiers check
  • credit card
  • or the transaction may be completed through an escrow service

Depending on the method of payment that you select, there may be additional fees due for those services. For example, charges a fee of 3.2% of the total transaction and wire transfers range from $20 - $30 per transaction side. We will be happy to give you an estimate of the fees for the different options, to help you decide which option is best for your financial situation.

The bank/cashiers check or money order should be sent via overnight delivery to the address below. All transactions are to be completed in US Dollars. Golden Penny Consultants will not accept currency, coin, purchase orders, or stamps as payment.

Improper Transmission of Funds
Payments returned because of improper submission will not change the due date for the payment. Failure to resubmit proper payment by the due date will result in the loss of the domain name. If funds are improperly transmitted there will be a $50.00 fee for expenses incurred.

Upon Completion of the Transaction:
Domain name sales may be reported to various industry publications. If you want to keep a sale must raise the issue prior to the completion of the sale.